25 Identical Celebrities

Here is our list of 25 pairs of identical celebrities that could be related they look so similar.

It is said we all have a doppelgänger somewhere out there. The same can be said for celebrities too! Some fans are so convinced that these identical celebrities were actually separated at birth.

25 pairs of identical celebrities

1. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes

identical celebs
Liam Neeson & Ralph Fiennes

The two are actually close friends, however, they are not related. People often confuse Fiennes, who was Lord Voldemort for Neeson from Taken. They have been in several films together, Wrath of the Titans and Schindler’s List.

Neeson said “He is one of the my best, best, dearest friends”. It seems understandable that fans would confuse the two!

2. Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett-Smith

twin celebrities
Zoe Saldana & Jada Pinkett-Smith

These two gorgeous ladies share a similar facial structure. From the high cheekbones and narrow jawlines to the beautiful smiles. These two could be sisters.

3. Kelly Ripa and Sienna Miller

similar looking celebrities
Sienna Miller & Kelly Ripa

These blondies would make anyone double take. Not only because of their beauty but because of their similar appearance. The small noses and hazel-green eyes, are they twins or sisters? They have us fooled!

4. Matt Bomer & Henry Cavil

identical looking celebrities
Henry Cavil & Matt Bomer

Superman meets American Horror Story, these could very easily have been separated at birth. They look so similar, in fact, they’re almost the exact same height as well!

5. Anna Gunn & Woody Harrelson

identical celebrities
Woody Harrelson & Anna Gunn

From these two photos especially, if they were in the same room, they could be mistaken as brother and sister. Breaking Bad meets True Detective for real!

6. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Barden

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem

Fans have confused these two over and over again for years! No Country For Old Men, Bardem, and Heist actor, Morgan, may look similar but are in fact, completely different people.

7. Will Arnett and Patrick Wilson

identical celebs

Arrested Development meets Insidious. Funny man, Will Arnett and famed horror actor Patrick Wilson look strikingly similar.

8. Gabrielle Union and Aisha Tyler

These two beauties share numerous resemblance. The great smiles and dark eyes to very similar jawlines. They could easily be related.

9. Chad Smith and Will Ferrell

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Drummer, Chad Smith and the hilarious Will Ferrell could very easily be twin brothers. From the curly hair to an almost identical complexion, they should get a DNA test.

10. Brenda Song and Jeannie Mai

similar celebs
Brenda Song & Jeannie Mai

Nickelodeon and Dollface actress and mother, Brenda Song looks fairly similar to the controversial Jeannie Mai. Although they look a like, the two share completely different ethnic backgrounds.

11. Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice

similar actors
Victoria Justice & Nina Dobrev

Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev get compared often as they share very similar appearances. With the long brown hair, dark eyes and great smiles, these two could be related!

12. Jennifer Connelly and Demi Moore

identical celebrity look a likes
Demi Moore & Jennifer Connelly 

The Brunette beauties look shockingly alike, and many ask if the two are related! With only an 8 year age difference, the two could be sisters.

13. Nathan Fillion and Jeremy Renner

look a like celebrities
Jeremy Renner & Nathan Fillion

Avengers meets Castle. These two actors could be at the very least cousins.

14. Jordan Sparks and America Ferrera

identical famous people
America Ferrera & Jordan Sparks

American Idol winner and Ugly Betty actress share an uncanny resemblance. However, the two have completely different backgrounds and ethnicities. They do look very, very similar.

15. Paul Ruebens and Alan Cumming

similar celebs
Paul Reubens & Alan Cumming

Pee-Wee Herman and Alan Cumming have often been told about their similar appearances. This picture just shows how much the two look alike!

16. David Alaba and Tyler The Creator

similar celebs
David Alaba & Tyler The Creator

Famous Rapper and Musician, Tyler The Creator shares noticeable similarities with Real Madrid soccer star, David Alaba. Only 2 years apart in age, these two look almost identical!

17. John Mulaney and Grant Gustin

celeb look alikes
Grant Gustin & John Mulaney

The Flash does stand-up. Funny man, John Mulaney looks almost the exact same as actor, Grant Gustin.

18. Rihanna and Andra Day

identical looking celebs
Rihanna & Andra Day

Musician turned beauty and fashion mogul, Rihanna shares a very comparable appearance to Singer, songwriter and actress, Andra Day. This similar photoshoot makes the two look almost like sisters!

19. Kim Woo-Bin and Hong Jong-Hyun

Kim Woo Bin & Hong Jong Hyun

These Korean Actors look almost identical! Both famous for the modelling as well as their esteemed acting careers in both film and television.

20. Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster

identical  celebs
Helen Hunt & Jodie Foster

Both Academy Award wining Best Actresses not only look a like on screen but in real as well. In fact, Hunt was actually confused with Foster at a grocery store.

21. Chris Rock and Mario

celebrity look a likes
Mario Barrett & Chris Rock

Singer-songwriter and Dancing With the Stars contestant bares an almost identical appearance to the hilarious, Chris Rock. Despite the 22 year age difference, these two look like twins!

22. Lucy Boynton and Lottie Moss

identical looking celebrities
Lucy Boynton & Lottie Moss

Blonde bombshells could be sisters. From the defined jawlines to the small noses, its a wonder if these to were separated at birth.

23. Lea Michele and Idina Menzel

Lea Michele & Idina Menzel 

Glee actresses, Lea Michele and Idina Menzel are identical celebrities. Both of which often get confused for one another!

24. Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain

similar celebs
Bryce Dallas Howard & Jessica Chastain

Black Mirror actress and Molly’s Game actress, often are told how similar they look. The red hair and smile make them look totally related.

25. Zachary Quinto and Max Greenfield

indentical celeb look a likes
Zachary Quinto & Max Greenfield

Star Trek and the New Girl become one. Zachary Quinto and Max Greenfield could very well be brothers for all we know!

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