7 Celebrities Who Love Crystals and Their Favourite Stones!

Crystal Curiosity is taking over and these are some celebrities who love crystals!  These stars are all about healing stones and their powerful energies.

The crystal frenzy has been taken America by storm, especially in recent years. Some pretty major celebrities are getting in on the action. Here is a list of celebrities who love crystals! 

celebrities who love crystals
Bella Hadid – Harpers Bazaar | Edward Berthelot

1. Bella Hadid 

crystal celebs

The gorgeous super-model is an avid crystal collector. She shares with her Instagram followers her favourite stones and her passions for alternative healing.

Some of the gem stones she shows her fans include Amethyst, Blue Celesite and Selenite. You can check out her Instagram for a better look at these fabulous stones.


2. Shay Mitchell 

celebs who love crystals

The new mom and actress Shay Mitchell is a huge fan of crystals. She shares with her Instagram followers photos of her during a crystal session while pregnant.


The caption reads “This is what every LA person has to do on the anniversary of the day they moved to LA”. The soothing energy radiates from the image alone!

Shay wrote on The Strategist that she takes Black Tourmaline to every audition to help protect against negative energy.

3. Kim Kardashian 

celebrities who love crystals

Of all the celebrities who love crystals, it may be a bit of a surprise that The Kim K dabbles with healing stones.


Kim told Ellen DeGeneres “I was really inspired by healing crystals when, after my Paris situation, all my friends would come over and they’d bring me healing crystals.”

celebs crystals

After such a horrifying ordeal, Kim uses crystals to heal from such a trauma. She was inspired by their positive energies so much in fact that it prompted her to use actual crystals for her perfume line!

Based on the KKW Fragrance bottles, Citrine, Quartz and Rose Quartz might be her favourites!

4. Megan Fox 

celebrities who love healing crystals

The selfie with the crystal balanced on her forehead says it all. All Crystals have their own special benefits and as a celebrity, staying cool and calm is a must.


The Clear Quartz crystal resting on her third eye chakra can help with manifestation and pretty much anything. This is a very versatile stone, it’s no wonder that Megan uses it!

5. Kate Hudson

ET | Baur Griffin

Kate Hudson cut the chase by telling The Cut that her all-time favourite crystal is Rose Quartz. She says she always keeps one in her purse and will even put a small heart shaped one in her bra!


celebs crystals


Additionally, Kate told her Instagram followers that she stores her face creams with her crystals! 


6. Victoria Beckham 

victoria beckham loves crystals
Victoria Beckham | By Karim Jaafar

That’s right, even Posh Spice loves a good crystal. Back in 2014, Victoria Beckham revealed that she keeps stones backstage during her fashion shows.


She said “… I cary my crystals with me which some people might think as odd but it works for us.”

The fashion designer loves crystals so much she even infuses them into her tea. She has stated that her first crystal was black obsidian and she carries it everywhere. Victoria also loves yellow Calcite and the lovely Rose Quartz.

7. Adele

celebrities that love crystals
Adele | By Cortland Jacoby

Lastly, we have Adele on our list of crystal curious celebrities. She loves these stones so much in fact that she carries them with her on stage while performing. 


The Grammy wining singer told The Sun in 2016 “I was so nervous about my comeback show and I was panicking. I was out of practice and I was busy being a Mum. But it was one of the best shows I’ve ever done and I had these bloody crystals in my hand.”

However, Adele has yet to reveal her favourite crystal.

celebs that love crystals
healing crystals | By humonia

These celebrities who love crystals aren’t the only ones. In fact, more and more famous people are hoping on the healing stone wagon. Sooner or later, who knows these crystals could be prescribed by your doctor!

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