Child Star Looses It at Costco Employee Over Wearing a Mask

costco employee over mask

Former child star Ricky Schroder argues with a Cosco employee over wearing a mask. Some say it’s due to confusion about new CDC guidelines, while others disagree.

The argument, filmed by Schroder that has since gone viral, shows the former actor confronting Costco employee over wearing a mask. He demands “Why aren’t you letting me in?”

costco employee over mask
Ricky Shrodr | Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

The employee pleads with Schroder that in California, the mandatory mask mandate is still in place. Although the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidance for those fully vaccinated, some establishments are choosing to keep the masks mandatory.

Once the employee informs Ricky Schroder of the Costco and California mask requirements, Schroder asks the employee if he has seen the news. The employee continues to do his job of reminding customers to mask-up.

What the video here!

Who Is In The Wrong?

The video sparks confusion between the CDC guidance and regulations of mask mandates for stores and states.

The employee is following Costco’s mandatory mask mandate as well as Californias mask mandate. However, Governor Gavin Newsom has said he is looking into lifting the mandate in June. 

Stores like Walmart have dropped mask requirements all together, whereas the Gap and Home Depot are keeping mandatory masks in place for now.

looses it at costco employee over a mask
Costco | Omar Abascal

In the end, Schroder’s reaction to Costco employee over wearing a mask ends with the employee handing him a receipt for a refund.

“I’m getting my refund. I’m getting my refund from Costco. I suggest everybody in California get their refund from Costco. Give up your membership to Costco until they remove this,” Schroder says in the video.

Costco mask mandate

Since the video went viral, Schroder has issued an apology to the employee. What do you think, should Costco follow the CDC guidance?

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