How To Meet People In Real Life – A Guide

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Are you tired of swiping through profiles and are curious how to meet people in real life? Well, look no further here is our guide to meeting new people without any apps.

In the age of the internet, dating and making friends seems to be done primarily online. It is almost rare to find real connections with new people without the use of the internet or an app. It shouldn’t be weird to hit on a cute person at your favorite coffee shop, but it can certainly be uncomfortable. We have spent the better half of 2 years cooped away in our homes, wondering aimlessly on the internet. Many of us want to meet new people, but simply don’t know where to start.

This guide is for everyone whose tried dating apps, friendship apps or even sliding into DMs. It’s not you, it’s the internet. It is very difficult for many people to present themselves authentically online or through an app.

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Why Is It so hard to meet people in real life?

To put it simply, no one is comfortable talking to strangers. Especially for millennials, we have been trained since birth to avoid and not engage with strangers. “Stranger danger”  began in the 80s and has stuck ever since.

Then came the apps in the 2000s. You can get food, dates and even sex without meeting people in person. This puts a whole new spin on “stranger danger”. People would rather meet strangers on the internet than strike up a conversation with someone in a store. There is less pressure when chatting online than there is flirting in person. Nerves and anxiety come in to play when meeting people in real life which isn’t always the case with online dating.


How To Meet People In Real Life

Before you go out in search of new people, there is some things you need to do for yourself.

1.  Assess Your Expectations

It is almost impossible to meet the perfect person. As friends or potentially romantic partners, no one will check every box. So ask yourself, do you want casual friends, someone to hook up with, a long-term relationship or something else?

2. Make An Effort To Go Out

You will need to go out to meet new people. So pick the type of places that you’d like to go. This doesn’t have to be bars or clubs, it can be libraries or coffee shops. Spend time at places you like.

3. Set Goals

Setting achievable but slightly challenging goals is what makes us become better versions of ourselves. If you get nervous talking to new people, start off slow. Compliment a stranger on their outfit or introduce yourself to your neighbors. Try to complete 1 – 3 social goals a week to build you confidence.

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4. Stay Off Your Phone In Public

Show others you are open to chat by staying off your phone in public places. You can’t meet new people if your eyes are glued to your phone. Not to mention, no one wants to talk to someone staring at their phone either. Put it away and make eye contact with someone you are interested in.

5. Go It Alone

Going out alone can be nerve racking, but you should be your own best company. Have a book or something just incase but try to keep yourself open and approachable. Even if no one comes up to you, it’s a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Additionally, don’t go anywhere unsafe alone and leave if you start to feel that way.

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Where to meet New people

There are many ways to go about meeting people in real life. Most importantly, is to have fun, trust your instincts and just go for it! If you see someone cute, say hey.

1. Become a Regular

Being a regular doesn’t have to be at a bar, it can be basically anywhere. Although meeting new people is easier with liquid encouragement, these aren’t always the best circumstances. Go to a coffee shop several times a week and enjoy your morning coffee. Look for interesting people and don’t be scared to say hey or introduce yourself.

2. Go To A Gallery or Art Exhibit

Meeting new people isn’t hard, but meeting people with similar interests can be. Go to places you enjoy. If you are an art lover, look for new gallery openings or pop-ups. Look at local artists and if they have a showing somewhere in your area! It doesn’t have to be a gallery either. It could be anywhere you would like to spend your time even if you don’t meet someone new.

3. Networking Events

Get into your industry or break out into a new one. This goes back into meeting likeminded people. You could see familiar faces that you may have already encountered. Or get to know new people who understand your career and could even potentially help you grow.

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4. Volunteer For Something Your Are Passionate About

Not only is this something good for the community, it’s good for you and for meeting new people. If you love animals volunteer at an animal shelter. You could meet potential friends or dates who also love to help animals. There are endless organizations that need volunteers. This is a great way to meet passionate and helpful people.

5. Dog Parks

If you have a dog, become a regular at a dog park! This is an easy way to meet new people and have good conversations. Chances are if you both frequent the same dog park, you probably live near each other. That will give you an in when asking someone on a date or just to walk the dogs together!

7. Get Set Up On A Blind Date

Trust your friends and ask them to set you up with someone they think you’ll enjoy. We have all seen those movies or sit com episodes where the blind date goes terribly wrong. However, your friends know you and there is a good chance they wont try to set you up with someone they know you wont like. Besides, it doesn’t have to be totally blind. You can follow each other on Instagram and get a better look at their lifestyle.

8. Pick Up a New Hobby or Dive Into a Current One

If you have hobbies get even more into it. Do you play an instrument? Spend time at music stores or pick up a new one. If you don’t have a hobby, get one! This way you can go to those specific stores, ask questions and potentially meet someone who shares the same interests.

9. Take A Class

This is an easy and classic way to meet new people. If you are interested in pottery, computers, music, literally anything, take a class. You will not only learn something new, you’ll meet new people! Most classes will offer some kind of group work. This is will give you the opportunity to interact with people who share a similar interest.

10. Live Music

This works best at small venues, but you can meet some cool people at concerts and shows. You’ll have something to talk about right away because you both like the same band. 

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How to meet people in real life? It’s not always easy, but a little effort can go a long way. Get out of your comfort zone and join the rest of the world away from your computer. Wash away those fears and anxieties by starting small with goals. Introduce yourself to a new person every day or give some compliments. This way you will grow your confidence and open yourself to meeting new people.

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