Boost Confidence With These 20 Tips

how to be confident

Confidence is more than just a feeling, it’s an attitude and state of mind. These tips will boost confidence and lead you to new self discoveries.

Self-esteem and being confident doesn’t just feel good, it allows you to be the best you. At the end of the day, you’re stuck with yourself. Why not enjoy every moment by being your own biggest fan and supporter?

Why Is Confidence Important?

Remember those times when you felt on top of the world and that nothing was impossible? Now, think about what it would be like if you felt like that all the time. Life would be amazing and full of possibilities. It can be difficult to maintain confidence but we need to! It is very easy to deflate into yourself and give in to intrusive, self-depreciating thoughts.

Confidence is important because you only have one body and one life. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Life is really short, so embracing everyday with a positive attitude is crucial. The most successful people in the world have soaring confidence because of their positive outlook. That isn’t to say that we don’t have bad days, because we do. However, there is a difference between having a bad day and losing confidence. Confidence is built and must be maintained. Boost confidence everyday, especially when you feel like giving up because you’ll need all the push and drive you can get.

Additionally, if you are in a leadership roll, confidence is a must. No one will follow a leader who is unsure. Even if you aren’t in a leadership position, confidence will take you places beyond work. Learning confidence can find you a partner, new friends and opportunities.  Not only that, it can help you handle conflict and stress much more efficiently.

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How To Be Confident

Being confident and boosting confidence are slightly different. Being confident can be seen, heard and felt. Boosting confidence is something you need to do in order to maintain self-esteem and self-awareness. How to be more confident:

1. Positive Attitude

Positivity can be built in many ways. First, focus on what could go right. This is a manifestation technique that drives energy toward a specific goal. For instance, if you have a work presentation, concentrate on how well it is going to go and that everyone is going to love it. Second, cut out negative words and statements. Hollywood glamour gal, Zsa Zsa Gabor said “don’t explain, don’t complain”, this means focus on the bright side internally and externally.

2. Growth Mindset

The allusion of confidence is that you need to have already earned success but that isn’t actually true. Just like focusing on the positive you need to constantly push yourself to grow and learn. Believing success and achievement is the only reason for confidence will limit you. How to be more confident? Learn from failure, pick yourself up and keep trying. Take actionable steps toward your goal and allow your beliefs to become reality. Be comfortable with what you lack but don’t stop challenging yourself to be your best self.

3. Body Language

Fake it till you feel it, that’s what a lot of what being confident is. Just act like you are confident by thinking about what a confident person looks like. Body language tells a lot about a person. Even before someone speaks, the way they hold themselves will tell you if they’re confident or not. Making eye contact, a strong handshake and standing up straight are key indicators of confidence. Think about your body, how are you breathing, do your eyes drift downward, are you slouching? You hold a lot of power just by the way you hold and present yourself.

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Tips To Boost Confidence

Now that you know how to be confident, you need some tips that will boost confidence everyday. These tips will allow you to maintain your confidence as well as give you that lift when you need it.

1. Memory Does Not Mean Facts

Memories are not always accurate and can change with time. They can be helpful for not repeating mistakes and for learning lessons. However, they can also hinder or lie to us if we already have low self-esteem. When those negative thoughts rush in, our brain will confirm those ideas which means it is important to look for other perspectives. Talk to someone you look up to and who can support you. These external opinions can help boost confidence by letting us see past our own memories and thoughts.

2. Talk To Yourself

Negative thoughts will damage your confidence, so practicing positive self-talk will help transform your mindset. Eventually, you will get in the habit of talking to yourself positively which will come in handy on those difficult days. Talk yourself out of doubt, fear and the past by reminding yourself how great and strong you are!

3. Positive Affirmations & Mantras

This is just like positive self-talk but in small, present tense statements. These statements can revolve around anything; love, relationships, success, money etc. Repeat these affirmations or develop a mantra and repeat it whenever you feel anxious or down. Write down 5 affirmations daily and repeat them all day long if you can!

“I am strong, talented and smart”, “Confidence and positivity flow through me”, “I am successful and open to new opportunities.” These affirmations and mantras are meant to bring you to the place where you want to be. By believing you have already achieved it, you will find the steps you need to take to actually get there.

4.  Be Curious & Ask Questions

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it made the cat smarter and better. Embrace your natural curiosity by trying new things, asking questions or learning something new. Going through the process of learning and experiencing will help boost confidence. Engaging with your curious mind will allow you to focus, stay positive and develop new goals.

5. Set Goals That Can Be Accomplished

Setting realistic and achievable goals, no matter how small will boost your confidence. These goals can be anything from introducing yourself to a neighbor or exercising twice a week. Once you complete them, you’ll feel amazing and be ready to set new ones.

Additionally, visualize your goals. Believe that they are currently happening and see how confident you are because you are achieving them. When you visualize something over and over again, your brain will believe it has already happened. This will help you find the path you need to follow in order to achieve this goal.

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6. Exercise

Nothing beats exercising to boost confidence. Once you start seeing results, you’ll want to keep pushing yourself. Physical activity builds confidence not only by improving physical appearance, it will also improve your perception of your body image. Getting active releases feel good hormones like endorphins and dopamine. These hormones uplift mood which not only helps with staying positive but also by increasing self-esteem.

7. Practice Gratitude

When you are grateful, it can eliminate disbelief and fears. If you are full of negativity and doubt, there isn’t much space left for gratitude. Being grateful allows more room for abundance and happiness. Thank your body for all it does for you. Thank the universe for the opportunities you are about to receive. Confidence is all about being present and thankful for the moment, while also looking forward in positive anticipation.

8. Face Your Fears & Take Risks

Gain control by facing your fears, taking risks or trying something new. When we are afraid, we feel less confident and out of control. Move closer to what scares you or is limiting you. Go after what you fear in order to eliminate the fear entirely.

You can face your fears by meditating and thinking about it. Imagine the worse possible thing, then focus on your breathing. Allow your body to relax and keep doing it regularly till you are no longer scared!

9. Stick To Decisions

Being decisive is a key part of being confident. Make decisions and stick to it! Decisiveness relates to all aspects of life and is important in order to achieve goals. Some decisions require more research and deliberation but once you come to a conclusion stick with it. Wait for results then analyze what worked and what didn’t. A decisive leader is effective and most importantly respected.

10. Admit Mistakes & Takes Responsibility

Knowing where, how and why you went wrong is one thing, but admitting it is another. Making amends and coming to terms with mistakes is how you can dissolve fear, regret and anxiety. Confidence is about knowing yourself, even if it means knowing where you went wrong. Taking responsibility is not only good for yourself, it can be good for others as well.

11. Gives Compliments

When you say something nice to someone, like “I love your shoes” or “great hair cut”, it can amplify your own self-esteem. There is something about seeing someone else happy because of something you said that boosts confidence. Making other people feel good, will also make other people want to be around you. Additionally, believe the compliments that other people give you! Say thanks and move on.

12. Do Not Judge Others

When we judge others, we are projecting what we don’t like about ourselves. Judging or saying negative things about other people, shows that we are negative person. Moreover, don’t compare yourself to others either. This is how you will instantly feel bad about yourself. Everyone is on their own journey and it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing. You are the only person you should compare yourself to. 

13. Laugh At Yourself

Laughing releases dopamine which makes us feel good. When you can laugh at yourself and your past misfortunes, it shows that you are actually happy. However, there is a line. Self-depreciating humor can instill negative thought patterns which can be destructive. When laughing at yourself make sure it is harmless and something that will boost your resiliency.

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14. Healthy & Supportive Relationships Only

Good friends and strong, supportive relationships are extremely helpful when building confidence. Like attracts like, so if you complain or are negative, it is very likely the other person will complain or be negative in return. If you find yourself with people who don’t make you feel good, you should consider reducing the amount of time you spend with them.

15. Limit Time Wasting Activities & People

Do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your phone? Limit those distractions by setting a timer and make yourself do something else once the timer goes off. Once your become more perceptive to how much time you waste on certain things, you’ll want to do it less and less. 

Same goes with people. If you don’t feel good, or certain people don’t add anything meaningful to your life, limit the time you spend with them. Being confident is about knowing what works for you. Understand what makes you happy and productive then eliminate the time wasters. 

16. You Are What You Eat

When you eat good, you feel good! Eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day in order to feel your best. If you eat junk food and chips not only will you look worse, you’ll feel worse too. Just like exercising, you have to treat your body right in order to boost confidence.

17. Sleep

Not getting enough sleep? You can probably tell by your emotions, your skin and your energy level. Getting a good nights rest is linked to all sorts of positive benefits. It uplifts mood and increases self-esteem.

18. Meditation

Meditating is more than just relaxing, it is about focusing on your breathing and thoughts. It doesn’t have to long, just 5 minutes once or twice a day is enough. Meditation helps you recognize, understand and accept yourself. It is the perfect time for a mantra or to combat negative self-talk.

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19. Counter Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones

When negative thoughts or ideas start to flood in, combat them with positive ones. Use your affirmations or take a minute to do a quick meditation session. Unfortunately, these bad thoughts like to challenge us throughout our lives. However, once you get good enough, countering negativity will become second nature. 

20. Gain New Skills, Education and Experiences

Nothing improves confidence like gaining a new skill. Staying updated, learning new things and gaining new experiences is a surefire way to build confidence. Self-esteem is linked to our abilities and the best way to enhance your abilities is by learning a new skill or taking a class. Not only will this push you out of your comfort zone, it will help you grow.

Being confident is all about how you treat yourself both internally and externally. It requires constant work but it eventually will become habitual. Perception is like a window and in order to maintain a positive attitude you must constantly engage different views. Lastly, don’t expect perfection because there is no such thing. Trust yourself, set goals and enjoy your life!

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