Marilyn Monroe’s 95th Birthday – Little Known Facts

Marilyn Monroes 95th birthday

Marilyn Monroe’s 95th birthday would’ve been today, however the iconic actress passed on 59 years ago. We are celebrating the iconic actress with some little known facts about her life and fabulous career.

In more than 35 films by the time she was 36, the original bombshell blonde and queen of the screen, today would be Marilyn Monroe’s 95th birthday. Let’s take a look at some little known facts about her interesting life.

Marilyn's 95th birthday

Marilyn Monroe’s 95th Birthday

She Was Born in Los Angeles, California – 1926

In the dawn of the studio era, Hollywood and LA were the places to be for show business. However, Marilyn was born here in unfortunate circumstances. Her mother was frequently placed in mental hospitals often leaving young Marilyn with foster parents or completely alone.

Here Birth Name Was Norma Jean Baker

Named after movie star, Norma Talmadge, Marilyn’s mother saw her daughter as a potential star right away.

‘Marilyn Monroe’ Wasn’t Her First Pick For a Stage Name

The first name that came to mind was actually “Jean Adair”. According to Marilyn’s sister, she wanted to pay homage to her birth name. Monroe is her mother’s maiden name.

Marilyn Was Only 21 When She Made Her Debut – 1947

Her first role as a waitress named Evie in Dangerous Years. She only had one  scene but her career began to take off.

No One Believed Her Mother When She Told People Marilyn Monroe Was Her Daughter

Monroe’s mother, Gladys Baker, would tell people she was Marilyn Monroe’s other, however no one believed her. Gladys was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was in and out of psychiatric facilities which left young Marilyn in foster care.

When Marilyn become famous, Gladys would tell her friends but they brushed it off as delusions.

Marilyn Monroe Referred to  ‘Marilyn Monroe’ in 3rd Person

It was said that, one moment she would be totally hidden and discrete and the next minute she would be swarmed attention. Actor Eli Wallach remembers her saying “I just felt like being Marilyn for a minute.” 

Another example is when photographer Sam Shaw said she would critique Marilyn’s performance “Marilyn wouldn’t do this, Marilyn wouldn’t say that.”

Her House Was Bugged

Marilyn only owned one house and it was in Brentwood, California. Years after her death there, actors Veronica Hamel and Michael Irving purchased the property in the 70s.

During a remodel, the couple found government-issue phone tapping systems all over the house.

Marilyn Monroe Was an Avid Reader

Her home had impressive bookshelves filled with classic novels, even first editions! When asked how she chooses a book she said “I just open books at random or when I come to a page or paragraph I like, I buy that book… Is that wrong?”

Marilyn Monroe Helped Ella Fitzgerald Book Shows

Nightclub owner of the Mocambo club, Charlie Morrison refused to let Fitzgerald play because he didn’t deem her glamorous enough. Fitzgerald believed it was due to her race.

However, Monroe was a huge fan of Fitzgerald and promised to be front row every night if Morrison would book her. Once her agreed, true to her world, Marilyn was front row every night. “After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again,” Fitzgerald said.

Her Wardrobe is Worth a Fortune

One of her most iconic dresses, the dress she wore to sing happy birthday to JFK was sold for over $1 million. Some of her other dresses were sold for even more, up to $4.6 million. 

Her casual attire which is still worth over $40,000 was gifted to Britney Spears.

Marilyn Monroe & JFK

Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio Broke Into a House Trying to Catch Marilyn Cheating

In 1954, DiMaggio and Sinatra were tipped off that Marilyn was with another man. They gathered a crowd and broke into the house where she allegedly was having her affair. Once they stormed the locked doors, cameras flashing, it turned out they were in the wrong house.

The owner of the house sued Sinatra which forced him to testify before the California State Senate. The homeowner’s secretary was awarded $7,500 for her trauma.

Despite Their Divorce, Joe DiMaggio Was Devoted To Marilyn Until He Died

The couple divorced only 8 months after marriage which ended withMarilyn filed for divorce under the grounds of “mental cruelty”. Despite their divorce, DiMaggio continued to be a rock for Monroe.

He would whisk her away from LA and Hollywood when she needed a break. DiMaggio even told people they were going to remarry. Additionally, after her death, DiMaggio arranged the funeral, didn’t invite anyone from Hollywood and delivered roses to her grave twice a week for 20 years.

Monroe’s Estate Earned More Money Money After Her Death

At the peak of Monroe’s career she had a $1 million dollar contract for two films. At the time her death, it is estimated that she was worth about $20 million.  To this day, her estate makes millions a year. 

However, the profits of her earning after her death actually go to companies that didn’t exist until years later.

Marilyn Monroe

Her death was almost 60 years ago, and the actress and person that is Marilyn Monroe is still a household name. Not only was she beautiful, talented and funny, she was intelligent and kind.

Often falling victim to ridicule, judgement and speculation. She is an example of the common hardship many women, famous or not, have to face. Her legacy lives on, and the people who knew her seem to always say she was ahead of her time.

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