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National Wine Day – May 25th

Wine lovers everywhere, grab a glass and your favorite bottle! It’s National Wine Day today on May 25th and it’s time to celebrate.

What’s not to love about wine? From its rich history to incredible agriculture, there is always something new to learn or new to taste.

Today, for National Wine Day we are going to celebrate with some little known facts about the oldest alcoholic beverage!

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NAtional Wine Day

Drinking Small Amounts of Red Wine Is Better For You Than Not Drinking At All!

This is surprising but after numerous studies it has been determined that small doses of red wine is actually good for you!

The antioxidants found in red wine lower risks of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. However, drinking too much poses increased health risks so always drink responsibly.

Some Red Wines Are Healthier Than Others

In addition to the fact above, some red wines are better than others when it comes to health. Here are 3 rules to follow for healthy drinking:

  1. Dry red wines are better than sweet wines
  2. red wines with higher tannin are better than low tannin wines
  3. red wines with lower alcohol are better than high alcohol wines

The Oldest Winery That We Know Of Is Armenian

The worlds oldest winery was discovered in a cave in the mountains of Armenia. The area of the cave is called Areni-1 and is over 6100 years old!

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There Are 3 Major Types of Wine

  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Rosé

However, there are even orange and blue varieties of wine as well. The color of wine is actually determined by the skin of the grapes. Additionally, some white wines even come from red grapes!

Sparkling White Wine Can Be Made Everywhere But Champagne is From One Place

Champagne is a region in France, hence the name. Alternatives to Champagne are Cava, Prosecco and even sparkling Riesling.

Champagne Bottles Are Thicker For a Reason

The reason why Champagne and sparking wine bottles are made from a thicker glass is to resist the pressure from the carbonation.

Vintage Vs Non-Vintage

Vintage wines are made from grapes harvested in the same year, where as non-vintage wines are often blends of several years’ grapes.

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There Are Thousands of Grape Varieties

There is approximately 1,300 grape varieties that are used to produce wine. However, the most widely planted grape in the world is Cabernet Sauvignon.

As Red Wine Ages, It Becomes Lighter in Color

The color of red wines become less intense as they age. Very old wines are pale and almost translucent.

Red Wine Grapes Are Older Than White Wine Grapes

The yellow and green grapes often used to produce white wines are said to have come from a DNA mutation of red grapevines. Additionally, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc share the same DNA!

White Wines Often Contain More Sulfites Than Red Wines

Sulfite levels tend to be lower in red wines than white wines. The reason for this is because red wines tend to be more chemically stable and do not degrade as quickly as white wines.

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Impress your friends and family with these wine facts. Have a happy National Wine Day!

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