Vaccine Lottery Winner – 22 Year Old Ohio Girl

22-year old Ohio girl is the vaccine lottery winner and was awarded $1 million! Here is how the lucky young woman plans on spending her earnings.

Abbey Bugenske was on her way to buy a used car when she found out she won. She’s not sure how she plans on spending the money but says it will likely be donated and invested.

Ohio’s Vaccine Lottery winner

Wednesday morning was off to a great start, not only was the 22-year old Ohio girl about to buy a used car, she also won $1 million. It’s safe to say she could have any car she wants now!

Bugenske, who lives in a Cincinnati suburb, is the first winner of the state’s Vax-a-Million lottery. This lottery is aimed to increase the number of people getting the Covid-19 vaccination.

She had received the shot before the vaccine lottery was announced in order to protect her family and friends. Bugenske said in a statement “vaccines have always been in my medical history. It was a pretty easy decision to go and get the vaccine as fast as I could”.

“I would encourage anyone to get the vaccine. If winning $1 million isn’t enough, I don’t know what would be.”

vaccine lottery winner
Abbey Bugenske
Vax-a-Million winner Ohio | Office of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

What started out as a regular day, her phone rang and she at first thought it was a joke. Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine was on the other end and delivered her the best news possible.

Once the announcement went public, her phone was blowing up and her social media following increased significantly!

Not The Only Vaccine Lottery Winner So Far

Bugenske isn’t the only lucky winner in a the Vaccine Lottery. 14-year old, Joseph Costello from Englewood, Ohio, also won a Vax-a-Million scholarship.

vaccine lottery winner
Joseph Costello, family and Governor DeWine

His prize is a four-year scholarship to any Ohio college of his choosing. He doesn’t know what school he will attend just yet, but he’s deciding between Miami University in Ohio and Ohio State University.

Announcements every Wednesday starting May 26th will share who the winners are. The final winner will be announced on June 23rd. Stay tuned, the next Vaccine lottery winner could be you!

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