10 Strange Unsolved American Hospital Mysteries

AdobeStock by Alessio Furlan


Benita Chamberlain: Gone in the Wind
Benita Chamberlain was at the Sacred Heart General Hospital in Eugene, Oregon on February 13th, 1978, expecting to give birth to a baby girl. The baby was born 5 weeks earlier than expected, and a relatively low birth weight, requiring the newborn to stay at the hospital for more than 7 days. On February 23rd the doctors told her that the baby was ready to head home, and Benita was of course ecstatic, calling up family and friends to give them the good news. Yet instead of picking up her daughter that day, Benita went missing. While after a few weeks of investigation police found a female thigh in a plastic bag, it was not Benita’s. She remains missing to this day.

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