10 Strange Unsolved American Hospital Mysteries

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Patricia Matix & Joyce McFadden
We all have troubles with our loved ones every now and then, but this tragic ordeal is truly depraved. Both women worked at a cancer research laboratory in Riverside Hospital, in Columbus (Ohio). The hospital supervisor stopped by the lab late one evening and was greeted with a horrendous sight: Joyce was hog tied on the floor and had been brutally murdered.

When police came to investigate they found Patricia in a nearby room used for cold storage, also stabbed to death. Joyce has 19 stab wounds and a slit throat while Patricia had 16. Patricia’s husband William Mattix was immediately found to be a person of interest, as he quickly cashed in on a $350,000 life insurance claim. But the gruesome killings were never solved and rumors persisted that Mattix and the husband of Joyce had killed each others wives in an insurance scheme. The mystery was never solved but both men actually died in a shootout with the FBI in 1986.

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