This Chinese Company Made An Innovative Scooter That Requires No Hands

This Chinese Company Made An Innovative Scooter That Requires No Hands

Xiaomi, a Chinese company that is best known for producing inexpensive Android smartphones, has expanded its product lineup to include a self-balancing scooter and a new smart TV.

The self-balancing scooter is being produced by Ninebot, a portfolio company of Xiaomi that is notable for acquiring Segway earlier this year in April. The scooter is the first mobility device of Xiaomi.

The scooter is being referred to by many as the “Ninebot Mini”. It does not have a handle, as users steer the scooter by making movements with their legs. The Ninebot Mini can also be controlled using a smartphone app.

The scooter weighs a little over 28 pounds, and it can travel more than 13 miles on a single charge at speeds up to 10 miles per hour. Additionally, the scooter can also go up slopes as steep as 15 degrees.


The smart TV is being called the Mi TV 3, and it is a larger version of the company’s current smart TV. The new TV is 60 inches, and it has a LG 4K display. It also includes an upgrade in that the TV’s mainboard is now connected to its display using a single wire. This wire can be replaced without having to purchase an entirely new TV. The Mi TV 3 will function on MIUI, an operating system that is based upon Android.

The lineup of Xaiomi already includes everything from air purifiers, water purifiers and health tracking devices. However, with the latest move, the company is continuing to show an interest in personal vehicles and mobility devices. This interest of Xaiomi started with its investment in Ninebot.

Additionally, Xaiomi has also invested money into the company of Yunmake, which is known for producing smart bikes. Rumors that are circulating also suggest that Xaiomi is interested in producing its very own electric car.

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