Laser Hair Removal – 6 Things You Should Know

is laser hair removal safe

Laser hair removal has soared in popularity in the last 10 years, and it seems like a great investment. However, there are some things you need to know before getting it.

Laser hair removal is very useful technique of permanently removing the hair from the body. However, there are very important things to know before getting the procedure.

If you’re considering getting laser hair removal, you’ll need to do some research. Not only is it necessary to make sure the treatment is right for you, but also it’s crucial to understand the side effects.

is laser hair removal safe
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6 Things you should know about laser hair removal

1. Is It Painful?

Laser treatments were launched for removal of body hair in a painless way. However, many people experience discomfort from the process.

The light from the laser is converted into heat and damages the hair follicle. It is said to be a quick, sharp pain and generally hurts more on thinner skin.

2. Patience Is a Virtue 

Contrary to common belief, it takes more than one session to see a difference. After approximately 8-12 treatments you’ll get full results. With regular appointments, the hair will start to appear thiner and eventually become less noticeable.

3. It Is Not Permanent 

Another misconception, is that laser is permanent. This is not true, hair will continue to  grow just not as fast or as thick, Results last anywhere from several months to even years for some people.

The laser destroys the follicles, so if done enough and regularly, hair will grow back less and less. Most people still experience some re-growth even after years of treatment.

4. It is Different Depending on Skin Tone 

It works for all skin types and tones, however certain skin tones require different lasers.

Darker skin tones require ND:YAG lasers which is a slightly stronger laser. This is to bi-pass the pigment and melanin of the skin. The lasers are attracted to the dark color of the hair, and for darker skin tones these lasers can potentially damage the skin.

5. It Is Expensive 

It depends where you go and especially which country. In the U.S. an average session costs $285 but some can reach prices as high as $1500.

Some hair removal locations will give you package deals, buying bulk sessions for one price which is generally cheaper than buying session to session.

6. Laser Hair Removal Can Trigger More Growth In Some Areas 

Lastly, there have been incidences where people experience thicker and longer hair regrowth after laser. However, your dermatologist or laser practitioner will advise you if your hair is suitable.


Laser hair removal
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Common Side Effects

  • Skin itching and irritation
  • Potential swelling and redness
  • Pigment Changes

If you’re considering laser hair removal, consult with your dermatologist first! Find out if this is the best option for you.

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