$60 Billion Dollar Makeup Industry Shockingly Lacks FDA Regulations

Makeup products are largely unregulated and not proven to be safe, despite the fact that the industry in the United States is worth about $60 billion. Several products offered by the cosmetic industry in the country have been known to cause serious health issues.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not spend much time enforcing what comes out of the industry, basically allowing cosmetic companies to put out whatever they want.

The FDA says that it is up to the individual companies to ensure that their products are safe for personal use. This is unlike Canada and the European Union, where strict guidelines are enforced. But in the United States, makeup is free game and potentially a major health hazard.

Lipsticks are known for containing color additives which have been cited as causing serious health conditions. Additionally, lead has also been found in some lipsticks. These color additives and dangerous chemicals could easily be ingested due to the close proximity of a person’s lips to their mouth.

Nail polish contains chemicals known as phthalates, which gives nail polishes their plastic-like feeling. Perfumes also contain phthalates. Unfortunately, phthalates are widely recognized as an environmental contaminant that can have negative impacts on human health.

Meanwhile, some brands of eye shadows are known for containing certain heavy metals. If these metals mix with water, they can be absorbed by the body, eventually resulting in serious health consequences.

While cosmetic companies claim that they do their best to make sure that their products are safe for personal use, there really is no way to be sure without FDA oversight and regulation. Some companies have voluntarily removed or changed ingredients based on the results of troubling studies, but other companies do not keep up with such research. Others simply ignore the health reports due to the lack of enforcement from the FDA.

By simply putting a “not for human consumption” label on their products, makeup companies can pretty much get away with anything. This warrant thinking twice before going through your daily makeup routine.

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