A Brief History Of Luggage And Man’s Obsession With Travel

Since time immemorial, man has been moving from place to place for different reasons. During all this time, he has had to carry some of his belongings along with him using some kind of luggage. The primary purpose of the luggage was to keep man’s items safe, organized and together. Just like all manmade things, luggage has evolved significantly.

When circumnavigating the world, Christopher Columbus likely had luggage for carrying his clothing and basic navigation tools. The trunks back then were made from fine woods such as cedar, pine or oak. Some were made from a combination of materials, such as cloth and leather. The trunks were magnificently decorated, using nails and brass plates. They have since undergone continuous transformation to be what they are today – family heirlooms.

Just as was from the very beginning, luggage is made from a variety of materials. The hides of cows, the deer, and even the horses were popularly used in the making of the luggage. To this day, leather is still a popular material in the manufacture of luggage. All luggage made from pure leather last long.

Since the trunks were often huge and cumbersome, smaller and more convenient bags were made. Currently, we have tote bags, backpacks and suitcases. Today, there are wheeled luggage, expandable luggage, soft luggage that is capable of being packed in tight spaces, and tough luggage that are meant to protect your belongings and remain usable for a long time.

Currently, there are luggage with wheels, coming with telescoping handles and pull straps made of leather. They are designed to accommodate water bottles, CD players, and such essential things as lunchboxes. They can as well accommodate laptops, and are even more durable than before.

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