Airbus Setting Up Sleep Pods For Sleep Deprived Passengers

Airbus is building sleep bunkers in their planes for passengers travelling across long distances. For millions of passengers every year, long distance travel is a pain in the behind, back and neck, especially when trying to catch some sleep. Airbus’ new sleep pods will solve the problem for its passengers worldwide.

Airbus is seeking to patent economy-priced sleep pods at the rear end of their planes. The patent filed last week seeks to install sleep pods, which will be stacked onto each other and separated by four walls for passengers who may want to sleep while commuting.

The pods labeled “sleeping box” will be fitted into the Airbus A380 and 350, both of which are used in long distance routes. The beds would be safe to occupy during take-off, taxi and landing. The pods benefit from a cross section over 31 inches by 31 inches. The passengers would lie down perpendicular to the plane’s direction of flight and their heads would be toward the outer wall.

The pods would be assembled from fiber-reinforced plastic, meaning the equipment’s weight would be well manageable. The structures are fitted with inflatable airbags to protect passengers in the event of a crash and would be 5-10 cm thick for a smoother evacuation. Inflation would be sensor initiated.

The pods would be installed with a passenger safety unit (PSU) that would include an oxygen mask, air conditioning and a lamp. Flat screen video monitors could be provided for in-flight entertainment.

Beds on planes, however, are not an entirely new concept. Airlines such as Etihad and Singapore have been offering lavish bed accommodations in their first class suites.

Airbus seeks to capitalize on the large number of passengers complaining that airplane seats are too small to allow for quality sleep during long flights. The pods will save millions for travelers who pay for an extra seat just to be able to sleep comfortably during flights. It will also save millions for plane manufacturers who have to spend heavily on adjusting first class seats for sleep conscious clientele.

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