Al-Jazeera In $100M Lawsuit Over Being “Propaganda”, Negligent

The veil continues to be lifted on middle east ‘journalism’ outfit Al-Jazeera, as television journalist Mohamed Fadel Fahmy has initiated Supreme Court proceedings in Canada, seeking compensation of $100 million from the Doha-based media company.

Fahmy spent more than 400 days in an Egyptian jail on charges of terrorism and spreading false news, is accusing Al-Jazeera of negligence that resulted in Fahmy’s initial conviction and imprisonment.

Fahmy accused Al-Jazeera Arabic’s coverage of supporting and promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, saying the network’s coverage “is not journalism, it’s propaganda.”

Fahmy went on to hold a moment of silence for journalists killed.

He conducted the conference using direct language, accusing Al-Jazeera Arabic of intending to harm Egyptian society and wage a campaign of violence against Egypt. He said this stemmed from the network’s overt support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The former journalism is expected to conduct a range of media interviews to discuss details of his claim against Al-Jazeera, in a move to ensure he story reaches the world and is not confined to an Egyptian court.

“It is an infringement on freedom of speech to silence three innocent, recognised journalists,” Fahmy told the Associated Press. “Yet a very important aspect of this case is Qatar abusing its Al-Jazeera Arabic platform in waging a media war against Egypt.”

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