At Least 30 Managers Were Involved In The Recent Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Investigators have found that at least 30 managers from Volkswagen were involved in the company’s recent emissions scandal.

Volkswagen placed cheating devices into 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide in order to trick regulators into believing that the vehicles were compliant with emissions standards, when in actuality, they were producing emissions up to forty times the legal limit. Nearly 500,000 of these vehicles were in the United States.

Last week, President of Volkswagen America Michael Horn said that a small number of software engineers were responsible for installing the cheating devices, and it was not a decision made by corporate.

Volkswagen has yet to comment on the allegations that more than 30 managers were involved in the scandal.

As a result of the recent report from investigators, dozens of managers from Volkswagen are expected to be suspended by the company.

Volkswagen has also hired law firm Jones Day to conduct an internal investigation of its own.

Reports indicate that the managers who knew that the emissions cheating was taking place were not only expected to continue the cheating, but they were soon planning to widen the scandal to other diesel cars as well.

Newly appointed CEO of Volkswagen Matthias Mueller is reportedly planning to speak with top management from the company on Thursday. The meeting will discuss the current state of the investigation, as well as the best way to move forward.

Needless to say, Mueller will have his work cut out for him in repairing the tarnished image of the once proud German auto company.

Mueller replaced former CEO of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn, who resigned from his position shortly after news of the scandal broke out to the public.

In Germany, a criminal investigation into the scandal is currently taking place. Recently, German police raided Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany in order to uncover more information about the scandal. It is widely expected that criminal charges will eventually be filed.

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