Baltimore Now Stable As Only A Few Defy Curfew

Baltimore Now Stable As Only A Few Defy Curfew

Baltimore was calm last night thanks to thousands of police in riot gear and National Guard troops patrolling the city to enforce a curfew on Tuesday night. The troops dispersed protesters with pepper spray a day after the city was gripped by the worst rioting in the United States in years.

A heavy presences consisting of helicopters overhead and armored vehicles on the ground led most people to respect a curfew that starts at 10pm and goes until 5am all week.

A few hundred people defied authorities, gathering at an intersection that was the scene of heavy looting in the largely black city the night before.

Police broke up the protest using rubber bullets and projectiles with pepper spray. Seven people were arrested while three more were arrested elsewhere in the city.

Baltimore exploded in violence on Monday hours after the funeral for a black man who died April 19 after he was severely beaten while in police custody a week earlier.

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