Bermuda Latest To Ban Monsanto’s Cancer Causing Roundup

After a damning UN report linking the popular herbicide Roundup to cancer, Bermuda is the latest country to ban the weed spray. The country banned the importation of the chemical on Monday.

Research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organisation, found that the herbicide was “probably carcinogenic to humans” — a description used when there sufficient evidence of it causing cancer in animals. This makes it all but certain that the same would happen to humans.

Three other substances reviewed by the WHO body are already banned in Bermuda.

Orders placed for the herbicide before today will be honored and there will be a grace period until May 25th during which importers can apply for an exemption to import small quantities of Roundup in low concentration.

Speaking at a press conference, Environment Minister Jeanne Atherden said: “I am also pleased to advise the public today that I have invited my Cabinet colleagues to support the long-overdue development of regulations needed to properly regulate pesticides in Bermuda. The Pesticides Safety Act 2009 was passed by the Legislature, but to date the required regulations have not been addressed. This important feature of safety and proper enforcement will be introduced to complete the work contemplated by the substantive act.”

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