Chinese Bombing Suspect Reportedly Killed In One Of His Own Blasts

The suspect accused of setting off multiple parcel bombs in China last week was reportedly killed in one of the blasts – but rumors are circulating regarding whether or not he had accomplices.

On September 30th, 33-year old Wei Yinyong allegedly placed homemade bombs with timers in several delivery packages across different locations throughout the city of Liuzhou, including government buildings, supermarkets, private houses, a hospital and shopping mall.

One day after the multiple bombings took place, another single bomb exploded in a small residential village, reportedly killing Wei. Chinese officials stated that DNA tests confirmed that Wei was killed – contradicting earlier reports that Wei had been captured by police.

Officials believe that Wei had concocted the bombs as a vengeance act in order to get back against local residents he had been disputing with regarding his family-owned quarry.

Local media reports indicate that Wei’s former family home in the village of Dabeitun was raided on October 1st and explosives were found. Wei’s wife and father-in-law were taken away by officials.

Wei reportedly moved out of Dabeitun around two years ago after the quarry was forced to shut down. Local villagers indicated that Wei rarely came back to the village and also that his children were looked after by relatives.

Villagers painted different pictures of Wei’s personality. Some claimed that Wei was very quiet and generous, often providing loans to residents of his village. Others reported that Wei and his family repaired damaged local roads for free. One thing seemed to be in common however.

Wei was very upset when the quarry was shut down and his financial situation declined. Several witnesses reported that they heard Wei shouting at authorities regarding the quarry and threatening to blow up everyone’s houses.

Various rumors regarding the reason the quarry was closed continue to swirl as does the possibility that Wei had accomplices with respect to the bombings – and that those accomplices are still at large.

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