Clinton Continues To Extend Lead Over Sanders As Biden Weighs Possible Bid

Hillary Clinton has increased her lead over Bernie Sanders in the race for President among the Democrats. This is a reversal of recent trends, as Sanders had been gaining support, while Clinton’s lead was shrinking.

The most recent polls show that Clinton has 42% of support from Democrat voters. Sanders achieved 24%, and Joe Biden, who hasn’t even announced whether or not he will run, received 22%.

Clinton is up by five percentage points, having received 37% in the previous poll, while Sanders is down three percentage points, having been at 27%. Biden has managed to increase his share by two percentage points from 20%.

Every other candidate received less than 5%.

If Biden decides not to run, then Clinton’s lead would become even larger. In such a scenario, Clinton would achieve 57% of the Democrat vote, while Sanders would receive 28%.

A month ago, these figures without Biden stood at 48% for Clinton and 32% for Sanders.

Clinton has been working to increase her numbers by participating in a large number of sit-down interviews with major television networks. She is still facing criticism for her usage of a private email server while she was in office as the Secretary of State.

On Sunday, Clinton appeared on “Face the Nation.” She tackled perceptions that she is “inauthentic,” claiming that she is indeed a “real person.” Clinton also discussed economic policy and her support of Obamacare.

Meanwhile, Sanders recently held a rally at the University of New Hampshire that managed to attract 3,000 people, or five times as many people that showed up for Hillary Clinton’s rally at the same university just two days prior.

Sanders also bashed Republican candidate Ben Carson over Carson’s comments that he would not want a Muslim to be President of the United States.

Sanders said, “Look, you judge candidates for president not on their religion, not on the color of their skin, but on their ideas on what they stand for. That’s what democracy is supposed to be about. So I was very disappointed in Dr. Carson’s statement and I disagree with him.”

While Sanders remains a topic of discussion, the Vermont Senator has some catching up to do with Clinton, at least according to the polls.

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