Clinton Still Leads Dems But Biden Continues To Gain Ground

In what many see as no surprise, Hillary Clinton’s lead among Democratic presidential hopefuls is continuing to decline while support for Joe Biden, who has yet to announce whether he plans on running for President, steadily increases. Now Clinton has to worry about not only Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders closing in on her lead but also the Vice President – who is running neck and neck with Sanders.

In the most recent Monmouth survey, 42% of Democrats polled supported Clinton while 22% supported Biden. 10% of those polled supported Sanders and all other candidates received less than 1% support.

These results sharply contrast with last month’s Monmouth survey, where Clinton had 52% support, Sanders had 16% support and Biden earned 12% support.

The results of the latest Monmouth survey come shortly after NBC/Marist polls indicated that Sanders had a double-digit lead over Clinton in New Hampshire (Biden was not included as a choice in that poll). The NBC poll also showed that Clinton’s lead in Iowa was deteriorating.

With respect to characterization of the Democratic candidates, the recent poll indicates that 71% of those polled view Biden in a positive, favorable light with just 9% viewing the Vice President as “unfavorable.” The same poll shows that Clinton is also viewed by 71% favorability, but 17% saw her unfavorably.

In addition to the favorable ratings for Biden, a number of additional Democrats polled stated they would support or would likely support Biden if he officially announced his run for President.

When those polled were asked if they would be more likely to support Biden if he chose Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as a running mate, the majority stated that it would not change their decision, while a minority stated they would be more likely to vote for Biden. About 7% also stated they would be less likely to vote for Biden if he ran with Warren.

This most recent poll was conducted via phone survey between August 31st and September 2nd. 339 registered Democrats were surveyed. The poll states that the margin of error is plus or minus 5.3 percentage points.

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