Couple Hides $1000 Inside Baby Products as Act of Kindness

couple hides $1000

A couple hides $1000 inside baby products at target in order to help struggling families. A wonderful, generous and fun way to give back to the community and local families.

The California couple who has hidden money around Target stores says they struggled after welcoming their first child. Today, they are in a position to help and give back to parents in similar situations.

Krystal Duhaney and husband Patrick have been secretly hiding cash all over a local Target’s baby product section. Their goal is to help new or struggling families 1 dollar at a time.

Young couple hides $1000 at a Target

In an Instagram post, Krystal shared her Target mission with her followers. The post showed Krystal and her husband sneaking dollar bills into diaper boxes, formula boxes and other baby products at various target stores.

Krystal – who is the founder of Milky Mama, a company that gives support for parents who are breastfeeding, said that “being a parent can be tough”.

“We often struggled to make ends meet. So, Hubby and I went to various @target stores in Southern California and hid money in baby items.”

Not long after did the post go viral, thousands of people shared their support and admiration for the couple. A random act of kindness goes a long way and it is great to see people help out others even in small ways.

Additionally, the couple said they did not tamper with any products. Krystal said they ensured they were paying very close attention to how the snuck the money in the packaging. Moreover, they acknowledged the importance of safety especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can you help local families?

You can help local families and the homeless by donating or volunteering at shelters. Here are several organizations to check out!

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