End-of-Life Specialists Helping American Families Process Grief

end of life specialists

End-of-Life specialists or Death Doula’s are providing support and guidances for families struggling with loss and grief. A comforting hand for those going through difficult life changes. Here is everything to knew about this new movement.

All over the country, End-of-Life specialists are popping up to save the day and lend helping hands to families in grief. It is an extremely difficult and traumatic thing to say good bye to a loved one. Death Doula’s around the country are offering support, guidance and peace for those suffering.

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Remembrance & Comfort | Mike Labrum

What are end-of-life specialists?

A Death Doula or End-of-Life specialist is a non-medical professional who gives non-judgemental support and guidances to those going through difficult times and life transformations.

They offer compassion, anxiety relief in addition to organizing the families needs and care. The core principals of an End-of-Life specialist are:

  • Nurture, inform, support, guide, empower and comfort
  • Join the other caregivers and members of a hospice team
  • Encourage self-determination by gathering information and promoting them to make informed decisions

Why is this beneficial?

When a loved one is near the end of their life, it can be a completely overwhelming and difficult situation. Finding strength to organize, manage and make the right decisions can be near impossible.

An End-of-life specialist lightens the load by guiding and supporting through these tough times. Doing research, making plans and having someone present can bring a calming energy as well as insightful information.

Additionally, they help with projects that provide not only comfort but also a way to remember the loved one. For instance, scrapbooks, legacy quilts and other art projects.

Entering a hospice is a challenging transition for not only the patient but also the family or loved-ones. An end-of-life specialist helps with the process with emotional, physical as well as spiritual support.

end-of-life specialist
Grieving & Loss | Cristian Newman

Dying isn’t a medical experience, it’s a human one. If you are suffering from loss or grief consider looking into an end-of-life specialist to ease the transition.

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