Czech Republic Says Disabled People Need Love Too, Trains Sexual Assistants

Czech Republic Says Disabled People Need Love Too, Trains Sexual Assistants

Many organizations work to provide a number of services to disabled individuals. It now appears that in some countries, sexual assistance is on the list. In the Czech Republic, trained sexual assistants have begun working to provide their services to those with various disabilities.

Lucie Sidova, director of the Rozkos bez rizika organization (Bliss Without Risk, R+R), explains how the group provides training to sexual assistants and now, the first five female sexual assistants have begun working in the small country.

Prostitution is not a crime in the Czech Republic, but the Interior Ministry provides that sexual assistance can be given only under certain conditions.

At a conference on sexual assistance held in Prague, Sidova stated that, “The sexual assistants have been chosen carefully. They decided to do the work themselves. They have long-lasting experience with men and . . . work with the human body.”

R+R is a group that focuses on helping and providing protections to sexual workers and also works to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

About two years ago, the organization inquired about the introduction of sexual assistance to the disabled. The group, along with other foreign organizations, cooperated on the “Right to Sex” project. The initiative was supported by the Czech Finance Ministry by way of the Swiss-Czech cooperation program.

Sexual assistance exists in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The applicants for the specific licence must complete special courses or studies before working.

After completing their training, the Czech sexual assistants are required to sign a code of ethics. In addition to providing sexual assistance, the assistants teach their clients to behave assertively, speak up regarding their needs, how to use sexual aids, how to establish partnerships and use contraception. They also provide consultations to the relatives of disabled individuals.

This could make a huge impact on the life of someone who cannot enjoy regular human contact.

Individuals seeking sexual assistance must research the possibilities and contact the organization themselves. Experts and organizations cannot provide mediation between the two.

According to an attorney from the Interior Ministry, Michal Smid, prostitution itself is not a crime – but it is also not a legal source of income.

Smid pointed out that, “Sexual assistance can be applied, but on certain conditions only.” He explained that R+R must not mediate the services. It can, however, release the entire list of assistants, not just a single name, and R+R cannot profit from the service.

R+R now waits to see how successful the assistance will work in the real world. If all goes well, the organization might provide training to new assistants.

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