Despite Unknown Sales Volume Apple’s Watch Universally Liked By Buyers

Despite Unknown Sales Volume Apple’s Watch Universally Liked By Buyers

Apple appears to be able to sell just about anything and its new Apple Watch is no exception. While nobody knows the precise sales numbers thanks to Apple’s lack of disclosure, for which it cited competitive reasons, new independent analysis confirms that the Apple Watch is breaking smartwatch sales’ records thanks to a nearly perfect satisfaction rating, with users of all skill levels thrilled with the pricey device.

What determines whether or not something is a success these days in the mobile space is fiercely debated by manufacturers. Is it the profit margin or is it the overall number of items sold in comparison to the next largest competitor? Wall St. analysts seem to stand firmly in the former category judging by Apple’s stock price.

The cupertino based company has been able to consume a whopping 92% of the total net profit of its industry despite the fact that it has sold many fewer phones than Samsung. This is a phenomenal number that speaks to Apple’s ability to sell its items at prices that are far higher priced than its closest competitors.

While Apple refused to disclose the exact sales volume of its watch in its third quarter filing, estimates are ranging from a couple million to well over 10 million units. Yet those who have purchased the watch are extremely pleased with it, according to new research.

Independent wearables research company Wristly, along with Ben Bajarin of Techpinion, conducted a survey of over 800 Apple Watch owners that consisted of individuals of very particular groups of users, “App Builder”; “Tech Insider”, those that are considered early adopters, or the first to run out and buy a product; “Media/Investors”; and “Non-tech users,” consisting of those who bought the item without any particular loyalty to Apple or other items it might sell.

Two-thirds of those surveyed were “very satisfied” with the purchase, with an additional 31% being “somewhat satisfied,” a positive result that equals an almost near perfect rating for the watch. Somehow, the Apple Watch continues to succeed regardless of its many issues that are usually experienced with first-generation products along with the watch’s limitations of related hardware therein.

The Apple Watch is even surpassing satisfaction ratings of both the first generation iPhone and iPad, which have both only become more popular and reliable since their 2007 and 2010 introductions. The iPhone and iPad consistently receive ratings as two of the most “satisfying” purchases by users in the tech industry.

Wristly’s survey determined that the non-tech savvy users were more forgiving of the flaws of the watch and only main complaint was the battery life, instead of the UI aspects and quality of third-party apps, areas that tech reviewers were quite critical of.

In fact, 73% of the users surveyed who are not tech savvy individuals were “very satisfied,” with another 26% being “somewhat satisfied.” It was a very different response for developers, who were either “somewhat satisfied,” or “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.” If you take into consideration the fact that Apple is pushing hard for developers to reevaluate the watch with watchOS 2, which allows for the feature of native apps and third party-complications, causing this number to possibly shift more towards the general consumer feelings throughout the next year.

Analysts further expect Apple’s new category to outperform the prior one, but, with the iPad having grown so quickly, the iPhone steadily growing, it will not be possible for the watch, which relies upon an iPhone to function properly.

Even at this early juncture, the watch can only be looked upon as a success, even if it only remains to be a somewhat niche product by Apple’s standards, when comparing it to the iPad and the iPhone.

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