Driver Plows Through Las Vegas Strip, Killing One And Injuring Dozens

Driver Plows Through Las Vegas Strip, Killing One And Injuring Dozens

On Sunday night in Las Vegas, one individual was killed while dozens more were injured when a woman purposely drove her vehicle into a crowd. The deliberate act occurred on the Las Vegas Strip near the hotel at which the Miss Universe beauty pageant had taken place.

The unnamed woman also had a three year old in the car. The woman was soon taken into custody, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have said that she would be formally charged on Monday.

Tourist Rabia Quereshi who witnessed the attack said that victims were flying through the air because of the contact from the four-door sedan.

Quereshi said, “The car was like a bowling ball and the human bodies were like pins.”

According to police officers, the woman is in her 20s, and she mounted the curb up to three times before trying to flee the scene.

Las Vegas Deputy Police Chief Brett Zimmerman has said that authorities have not determined a motive for the attack, but they have said that terrorism is unlikely.

It is unknown exactly how many people were injured in the attack. Authorities have said that it was between two dozen and three dozen people. Six people were in critical condition, but they were later stabilized. The driver and the three year old who was also in the car were not harmed.

Among the injured were an 11 year old and several visitors from Montreal, Canada. The Canadian Consulate has not yet responded on the incident.

After the attack, police advised people to avoid the area, as the scene had been closed to traffic. They said that long delays were to be expected. Witnesses later stated that police and emergency personnel had filled the area. Many bystanders used their phones to record videos of the chaotic scene.

Authorities have stated that the crash occurred around 6:40 pm local time. This was around the time that the Miss Universe pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino was nearing its end.

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