Giant Wooden Megaphones Showcase The Sounds Of Nature In Estonian Forest

An idea from an architecture student from the Estonian Academy of Arts is bringing the sounds of forests in Estonia to life, much to the delight of visitors.

Estonian Academy of Arts student Birgin Õigus, along with help from designers Tõnis Kalve and Ahti Grünberg, has installed three giant megaphones that are constructed from wood in the Pähni Nature Center of Estonia.

The idea is that the megaphones can be used as an acoustic art installation. The natural sounds of the forest are able to be amplified so that those visiting the nature center are able to better hear what goes on around them as they explore the forest.

The wooden structures are also large enough to support musicians who want to perform in the forest. The giant megaphones can also be utilized by forest visitors as a seating area to take a break from walking, and can also be a good spot to have a picnic with friends.

They really are the perfect spot to think about and discuss the wonders of the natural forest.

They’re also a good way to escape from inclement weather.

The wooden megaphones have been strategically placed in an area of the Pähni Nature Center so that when a forest visitor stands in the middle of the three wooden structures, they will have a total surround sound listening experience of natural forest sounds. It rivals the experience offered by surround sound systems at one’s own home.

The massive megaphones do not use electricity, making them completely acoustic. The wooden structures are free for any visitor of the forest to use and enjoy. The hope is that they will last for many years so that future generations can also experience the natural sounds of the forest.

More than 50% of Estonia is forest land that has been left largely undisturbed.

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