Hillary Clinton Accused Of Trying To Cover Up Benghazi Attack In 2012

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary might have intentionally covered-up information regarding an attack that took place in 2012.

However, Clinton insists that she indeed took responsibility for the attack on an American compound in Libya in 2012 that left four American ambassadors dead.

Clinton made the recent statement as she appeared in front of a Congressional committee.

Clinton said that as Secretary of State, she introduced reforms to protect diplomats after the attack had already taken place. The presidential candidate has been under attack from politicians who continue to ask her questions about the incident.

According to Hillary Clinton, she had had asked Chris Stevens to go to Libya as a representative of the United States. Stevens was one of the four Americans killed in the country.

Clinton says, “After the attacks I stood next to President Obama as Marines carried his casket. I took responsibility, and as part of that before I left office I launched reforms to better protect our people in the field and help reduce the chance of another tragedy happening in the future.”

Seven investigations by the United States Congress have already looked into the attack, which was allegedly conducted by Islamist extremists. An eighth investigation is currently taking place.

At the most recent discussion, there was a clear political divide on the matter.

Republican chairman Trey Gowdy talked about the failures of the previous seven investigations. He said that the current investigation needed to examine the issue at a broader level.

Ranking Democratic member Elijah Cummings on the other hand hardly mentioned the Libya case at all. He mostly used the opportunity to attack Republicans and to discuss the political process involved.

According to reports, the United States originally claimed that the attack was spontaneous, when in reality, it was most likely planned in advance. Additionally, calls by ambassador Stevens for security reinforcements were largely ignored.

Some experts believe that the case may be related to Clinton’s usage of her private email server. They say that Clinton may have prevented certain information regarding the case from being accessed by making use of her own personal email account.

Meanwhile, many people are considering this to be a major moment in Hillary Clinton’s run for President. If the findings reveal that Clinton deliberately covered this up, she would most likely will have a very difficult time in making a recovery.

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