Investigators Reportedly Find At Least 60 Classified Documents Sent From Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server

Despite Hillary Clinton’s continuous denial, the State Department has reportedly found 60 messages sent from her personal email server that contained classified information.

The 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate has steadfastly maintained that she did not use her personal email to exchange government secrets.

The Washington Times published a report on Sunday detailing allegations by an anonymous government official that investigators had indeed found classified documents on the private email server.

Investigators from the State Department found one email with information classified at an intermediate level. All other emails were rated the lowest level of confidentiality.

Despite the findings, it will reportedly take months for the State Department to investigate the 30,000 emails that were sent from Clinton’s home server.

Claiming that the investigations were attacks from the right wing, Clinton said she never sent any classified material. At least to her knowledge.

On Sunday, she stated, “I never sent classified material on my e-mail, and I never received any that was marked classified.”

She continued her argument by saying the State Department has confirmed that no material marked as classified was sent or received by the former secretary of state.

Several critics point to the fact that Clinton wiped her server clean more than once before handing it over to investigators. This raises many questions as Clinton referred to her emails as being nothing but “talk of yoga and bridesmaids dresses.”

Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the House Benghazi Committee, questioned Clinton’s dismissal of the emails as insignificant as she simultaneously deleted them from her server.

Gowdy went on Fox News and said, “The more energy she put into cleansing or wiping the server clean, I think your viewers should take or infer from that, that perhaps there’s something on there she really didn’t want us to see.”

Clinton also turned over emails showing she was researching how to delete email permanently, making her claims seem less than truthful.

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