Iranian President Claims His Country Is The Most Capable Of Fighting ISIS

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has proclaimed that his country is best suited to deal with terror organization ISIS. The ruler, referring to previous acts by Iran that served to help other Middle East nations experiencing anarchy inspired by terror groups, said the Middle East should be cautious of the west as they were not always the best option.

Rouhani spoke on Tuesday in a televised address to the Iranian people. The ruler said his troops had “helped both Iraq and Syria” in the war against ISIS. He, however, insisted that Tehran had no military intentions in Syria.

Rouhani’s administration has sent numerous military advisers to Syria but has abstained from sending active military to the warring nation.

Rouhani went on to say, “Just as we have helped the governments of Syria and Iraq against terrorism, upon requests from their governments, if, heavens forbid, terrorism emerged in other countries, the governments of those countries will pin their hopes to the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Iran’s leader referred to the country’s army and Revolutionary guards as the only hope for nations plagued by terror organizations in the region.

ISIS has seized at least a third of Syria and Iraq since it broke onto the scene last year. The group has unleashed a reign of terror in the region, spreading its philosophy and caliphate across the two countries. Other states such as Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have seen the rise of ISIS affiliate groups that have targeted both foreigners and locals.

Rouhani urged the countries of the Middle East not to put much hope and trust in “Western powers as their defenders. Today, our armed forces are the biggest regional power against terrorism.”

The ruler proceeded to make a hidden offer to help to Sunni led rival Saudi Arabia, though he abstained from expressly naming the country. Saudi Arabia has been fighting Iran backed rebel insurgents in Yemen who ousted the former president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The western backed Saudi air strikes have been targeting key rebel sites in Yemen.

Rouhani made his remarks in a Tuesday parade marking the 35th anniversary of the infamous Iran-Iraq war.

Iran’s offer of help to battling Middle Eastern nations has caught many by surprise as the country is barely recovering from years of sanctions recently lifted by western countries. However, given the country’s position as a regional power broker, the west should be concerned over such public attempts at ridiculing western aid.

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