Japanese Company Muji To Begin Selling Efficient Compact Homes

The major Japanese designing company Muji has started offering pre-built homes for sale. Muji is best known for selling cheap and efficient homewares. The homes offered by the company start at $215,000.

Many people consider Muji to be the Japanese equivalent of IKEA.

Muji is giving customers the choice of three flat-pack houses. Each of the houses are considerably minimalistic and highly efficient. The company will even send out professionals to build the home for you.

The designs, which were put on display as of last year, are not officially for sale on the Muji website.

The cheapest home is the “Wooden House”. Next is the “Window Home”. The most expensive and newest design is the “Vertical House”.

The Vertical House takes inspiration from the popular building method in Tokyo of expanding upwards rather than outwards. The house is only 4.4 meters wide, and it contains no internal walls or doors. It also features large rectangular windows in order to bring in sunlight.

The homes are a true symbol of the minimalistic design that Muji has traditionally offered in its products. They feature furniture that comes in natural colors and storage areas that conveniently fit products offered by the company.

Muji opened stores in Australia earlier this year. The company currently has three stores in the country. The locations include a newly opened store at Sydney’s Galleries, a store at Sydney’s Chadstone Shopping Center, and a store at the Emporium in Melbourne.

IKEA is also attempting to move beyond home furniture and housewares, as the company is now testing the concept of moveable walls. However, IKEA is considerably behind Muji, as the moveable walls won’t be available to consumers for at least three years. It will take a large amount of time before the popular Swedish company offers entire flat-pack homes.

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