Laser Beard Shaver Finally Invented And Available On Kickstarter

A startup has just invented a groundbreaking new way to shave without causing irritations or bumps, using laser technology. Laser beams are currently used in laser hair removal, but never in beard shaving. Millions of men from around the world will be looking out for the new invention when it hits the retail shops.

Skarp Laser Razor, the new invention by Skarp, will give users an incredibly close shave without the irritations of a regular razor. The new prototype is an all round aluminum razor shaped in the form of a gizmo that uses a laser to cut and burn through facial hair.

Skarp says the razor is powered by a laser which is in turn powered by an AA battery. The laser cuts at just above the skin’s surface, removing all traces of hair while avoiding burns, irritations, cuts and ingrown hair.

The battery has been estimated to run for up to a month while the device lasts for close to 50,000 hours. The device is waterproof, making using it in the shower easy. Additionally, it does not require lathering.

According to the inventors, the chief factor inhibiting the development of the razor was finding a laser frequency that could cut through hair of any color. This made the find tedious and the razor almost inconceivable.

Hope was finally found when scientists discovered a chromophore in hair which could absorb any particular wave length. Chromophores are particles that can absorb wavelengths of light. The specific chromophores identified in the study can be found in every human being, regardless of age, gender or race.

Skarp also went ahead to alleviate health concerns when using the razor. The company issued a statement saying, “The wavelength we’re using doesn’t emit UV. The power of the laser is too low to cause damage. But more importantly, the laser doesn’t enter the skin, it only enters the hair. So there is absolutely no risk of developing any complications or damage.”

The razor’s name, Skarp, comes from the Swedish word for sharp. The company’s founder, Morgan Gustavsson, grew up in Sweden. Gustavsson also invented Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), a preferred hair removal method for dermatologists worldwide.

The new laser razor will set the tone for beard shaving across the world. For millions of men around the world, an end to the painful bumps and cuts from razors is in sight.

Skarp is currently available on Kickstarter.