Major Attack Against ISIS Leads To America’s First Soldier Fatality In Battle In Iraq Since 2011

Major Attack Against ISIS Leads To America’s First Soldier Fatality In Battle In Iraq Since 2011

An American soldier was killed in Iraq on Thursday morning when American and Kurdish forces conducted a raid on an outpost of the Islamic State near the town of Hawija in northern Iraq. The raid successfully freed prisoners and captured militants of the Islamic State.

The death of the soldier represents the first loss of an American armed forces member in Iraq since the United States largely withdrew from the country in 2011.

United States military officials have not yet commented on the details of the operation, which is still considered to be classified. However, Iraqi officials have stated that the mission appeared to be a major attack against ISIS. American and Iraqi forces have been teaming up to strike back against the terrorist organization.

According to Iraqi officials, the raid also involved American helicopters, airstrikes and both American and Kurdish Special Operations forces.

While Kurdish Special Forces took the lead, American troops were ready to support them on the ground. Additionally, American forces conducted airstrikes in order to prevent escape routes. As a result several key members of ISIS were reportedly captured. The attack also allowed troops to free some prisoners that were being detained by ISIS.

Governor of the surrounding Kikuk Province Najmaldin Karim said, “They cut off roads and raided the place successfully. They were able to take people with them.”

Military officials in the United States confirmed that the operation took place, but they refused to provide any details.

Meanwhile, Hawija is still under control of ISIS even after this most recent attack. The area has been a major zone of conflict in recent weeks. Additionally, American forces are also trying to put pressure on ISIS in Syria.

This most recent attack represents the first American commando operation against ISIS to take place in Iraq. Several have already taken place in Syria.

The American soldier who was lost in battle has not yet been identified.

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