Meet The Ecocapsule, The Future Of Green Living

Nice Architects is giving customers a glimpse of the future with their high-tech Ecocapsule home. The ambitious project could mark a transition to a more minimalist future driven solely by clean energy.

The small, egg-shaped home is a low-energy house designed for one or two people. It comes complete with a solar panel and wind-turbine to produce its own energy. A prototype has already been completed and the first units are planned to be shipped as early as Spring 2016.

Despite its small size, the Ecocapsule includes such amenities such as storage space, a kitchenette, a double bed, shower and a bathroom complete with toilet that collects bio waste. The mobile home contains a 9744Wh battery, which can be powered by a silent wind turbine of 750W or solar panels of 600W.

Having the two sources of energy allows the dwelling to cope with times there are no wind or no sun. These additions make the Ecocapsule ideal for off-grid travel. Rainwater is also collected by the home and filtered for use within.

The architects suggest the micro dwelling is designed for people wanted to travel off of the grid for long periods of time or for young people living in areas of high rent. The Ecocapsule measures 7.9 feet in width, 14.6 feet in length and 8.2 feet in height. It boasts 86 square feet of living space.

Pre-orders will be available towards the end of 2015, when the company will announce prices for the dwelling. The company is currently working on reducing the weight and size of the home to increase the ease of transportation. Estimated shipping costs hover around $2500 from Slovakia to New York and $1700 from Slovakia to Melbourne. Nice Architects plans to offer customizations of the unit after the first ones hit the market.



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