More Research Shows Steaming Is Good For Your Health

Whether you call it a steam bath, sauna or just steaming there is mounting evidence to suggest exposure to hot steam is great for your health.

The latest data comes from, you guessed it, Finland! Specifically Dr. Hassan Khan and a team of researchers from Finland found that men between the ages of 42 and 60 were significantly less likely to suffer from Coronary Heart Disease, Sudden Cardiac Death and and Fatal Cardiovascular Disease if they partook in frequent steam baths.

They found that both the weekly frequency and the amount of time spent in the warm, moist environment contributed to positive health. Men who bathed more than 4 times per week and for between 11 and 19 minutes showed the least incidence of health issues relative to others in the study.

The research was conducted over twenty years and observed the health trends of over 2300 men. While the researchers are unsure of the exact cause of the improved health, they suspect the high temperature and moisture improve bloodflow which in turn has a number of positive health benefits.

Their results can be found in the April edition of the JAMA Internal Medicine journal.

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