Netflix Will Only Stream The New Star Wars Movie In Canada

Netflix Will Only Stream The New Star Wars Movie In Canada

After the highly-anticipated seventh episode of the Star Wars franchise airs in theaters, the next logical step would be to showcase it on streaming services such as Netflix. However, Netflix has announced that the movie will only be available for streaming in Canada, and not in the United States.

Netflix confirmed that Canada is in fact the only country to have secured the right to stream Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is largely due to the fact that Disney has a major deal with Netflix Canada. While Disney also has a deal with Netflix USA, that agreement won’t come into effect until a future date.

Outside of movie theaters, the premium movie channel Starz will be the only legal method for showing the movie in the United States before hard-copies are released.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to hit theaters on December 18th.

Meanwhile, hype for the upcoming movie is growing more intense on a daily basis, as Star Wars devotees are ecstatic about the continuation of the legendary storyline.

Last week, the production company for the movie, Lucasfilm, displayed the official poster for the movie, as well as two short teaser videos that promoted a new trailer.

The trailer for the movie premiered during the halftime segment of Monday Night Football on October 19th. After the trailer aired on television, tickets for the movie’s theatrical premiere in December immediately went on sale. The demand for tickets was so high that several websites crashed because of heavy web traffic.

One ticket seller, Vue Cinemas, says that it sold 10,000 tickets in just 90 minutes.

But when the movie comes out on Netflix, it is likely that some Americans will go to desperate lengths to get their Star Wars fix. Some Netflix users have even stated that they will try to change their IP addresses to make it look like they are accessing Netflix in Canada.

Indeed, Star Wars fans will do whatever it takes, even if they have to “use the force”.

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