New App Feature Allows Users To Track The Volume Of People In An Area

The messaging and calling app WeChat has released a new feature that enables users to the see the density of people within a specific area in real time. The app works much like a “heat map”, with the “hotter” areas representing the areas with a larger number of people.

The new feature has been released just in time for the Chinese “Golden Week” holidays.

People enjoying the festivities in China will certainly enjoy the useful new feature. With crowded streets essentially being guaranteed, planning movements beforehand will be critical in getting from one place to another quickly. Golden Week in China attracts massive amounts of people, and it is one of the busiest times of the year in the country.

The program is also able to inform users which days of the week are the busiest in a particular area, as well as what times of day are expected to be the most crowded. These tools make the app particularly useful for planning outdoor events or promotions.

Users will be able to utilize the program to check levels of people density in every major city of China. The data reveals that Tiananmen Square in Beijing is the busiest location out of every major Chinese city.

Currently, the feature is only available in Chinese. Users will have to change the language setting on their phone to Chinese in order to access the program.

WeChat has been universally adopted across China. The country expects that services offered by the app will expand across more Chinese cities next year. It is widely viewed as having the potential to become an important everyday tool for Chinese citizens.

The app should be able to introduce several new features in the future. With increasing data about public activity quickly becoming available, there’s no telling what else WeChat will be able to accomplish.  

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