New Poll Shows Trump Poised To Overtake Clinton In 2016 Presidential Race

New Poll Shows Trump Poised To Overtake Clinton In 2016 Presidential Race

A new CNN/ORC poll released today shows controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is now a real force to be contended with, the second most popular candidate in the crowded 2016 field.

The Donald still trails Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton due to not being favored by the influential female vote.

Trump trails Clinton by only 6 points, whereas in polls taken in July, he was a clear 16 points behind.

Trumps quick catch-up has been spurred on by support from mainly white, male Republicans and Republican-leaning independents – from 67 percent in July to 79 percent now.

Although this is good news for Trump and possibly the Republican Party, Clinton still appears to hold the trump card in the overall race for the Presidency, despite increasing public perception that the controversy surrounding her use of a private email account for State business, would harm her run for the White House – from 51 percent in March to 56 percent now.

Among Democrats polled, the number saying she did anything wrong had dropped from 71 percent to 63 percent.

Clinton’s front runner status also holds despite 53 percent of all those polled holding a negative view of her and only 44 percent having a favourable impression. Among all women polled, 52 percent have a favorable impression of her, indicating her base for success is women voters.

As well as having a six point lead over Trump, among all those polled regardless of party affiliation, Clinton leads Republican Jeb Bush 52 percent to 43 percent, and Trump 51 percent to 45 percent.

All Clinton’s leads are driven by the female support. Against Jeb Bush, she leads 59 percent to 37 percent among all women polled and against Trump, women favor her by 23 points, 60 percent to 37 percent.

Political experts say that according to the poll results, Clinton’s White House run would be helped by current Vice President Joe Biden deciding to not compete against Clinton for the Presidency. They say although Biden only holds 6 percent of the vote for prefered President, if he announced he would not run, his supporters, vote wise and financial support wise, would “flock to Clinton.”

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