Possum Tails Have Been Scattered Throughout New Zealand And Nobody Knows Why

Possum Tails Have Been Scattered Throughout New Zealand And Nobody Knows Why

In New Zealand, thousands of possum tails have been mysteriously appearing on roads in the Auckland and Northland regions of the island country. The tails have been showing up on both busy and calm roads, and started appearing over the most recent weekend.

Travelers in the areas have said that the tails appear as often as every few hundred yards, and people have posted pictures on Facebook looking for an explanation. However, nobody can seem to solve the mystery of the randomly appearing possum tails.

Even local officials are baffled by the phenomenon.

“What would make someone want to go on a joy ride with a truck load of possum tails and scatter them like rose petals out the window from Northland down to here?” asked one Waitakere Ranges Local Board member. “It’s just one of those absolutely bizarre mysteries that’s more suited to April 1st than anything else.”

Some people have guessed that a possum collector has been distributing the tails in order to show proof of their work so that they would receive payment. Still, this does not explain why the tails have been removed and why they have been placed quite randomly.

However, some people are happy about the scattering of the possum tails. The New Zealand Department of Conservation says that the creatures are pests and a major threat to the country’s natural environment.

Many people in New Zealand slaughter possums on a regular basis in order to prevent them from harming their property. Additionally, the government also releases poison into the air in order to kill off the animals, a practice that is considered to be controversial since many citizens believe that the poison is harming people as well.

Other locals are more sympathetic, as they feel bad for the creatures.

One local official said, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer animal is all that I’ve got to say. If it means a lot of them have gone on to their heavenly future, that will do us all good.”

However, rather than being happy or concerned, most people are simply downright confused about what is happening. Time will tell if the mystery of the possum tails ever gets solved.

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