Samsung Reportedly Loses Major Deal With Apple In Producing Processors For iPhones

Samsung Reportedly Loses Major Deal With Apple In Producing Processors For iPhones

A recent report coming out of China is claiming that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will supposedly supply 100% of the mobile chip processors that will be used to power Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 7.

The news comes as a major blow to Samsung, as the company produces a large amount of these processors, and Samsung makes a lot of money from working with Apple.

The processors for the current model of iPhone, the iPhone 6, are currently produced by both TSMC and Samsung. However, reports have indicated that the processors made by Samsung have been inferior to those that were produced by TSMC. The Samsung processors have been shown to offer substantially less battery life than the TSMC processors.

However, Apple has denied any claims that there exists a difference between the processors from Samsung and TSMC, and independent research studies have supported Apple’s statements.

Regardless of whether or not there is a difference between the processors, these rumors may have played a big role in causing Samsung to lose on its most lucrative business opportunities. Working with Apple has been a major part of Samsung’s involvement in the smartphone market.

Samsung has also had a large amount of success in producing its own smartphones, particularly its line “Galaxy” devices, which make use of Google’s Android platform. Android devices are often considered to be the biggest rival of Apple’s iPhones.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure if Samsung has lost out on its deal with Apple, as the iPhone maker might eventually come back to Samsung asking for more. This probably won’t be known until the iPhone 7 hits the market.

Little is known about the next iPhone, but much like previous models, there have been widespread rumors on the internet. Some reports have indicated that the iPhone 7 will feature a non-metal design that will be resistant to water damage.

The iPhone 7 is unlikely to arrive until at least September of 2016.

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