South Korea Resumes Propaganda Broadcasts, Demands ‘Clear Apology’ From North Korea

The South Korean military continued loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Monday after no progress was made in around the clock peace negotiations.

South Korean officials demanded a “clear apology” from North Korea for its live fire attack on the loudspeaker, the first such incident in many years.

The announcements came as North Korea showed no signs of backing off its threat to target the facilities and after it forward deployed landing craft and 50 of its submarines.

A military official in Seoul reported that broadcasts from all eleven loudspeakers were made as scheduled in the early hours of Monday.

No reaction to the broadcasts was recorded by the South Korean military, who also remain on high alert.

It is believed that the North has its firepower on standby and can target the loudspeakers as soon as an order is given.

The South Korean military has remained on its highest alert since Thursday, North Korea launched rockets across the border.

South Korea and the United States have adopted a joint defense posture, including deploying U.S. multiple rocket launchers near the DMZ.

The two allies have deployed WATCHCON, an intelligence and surveillance system for North Korean provocations, set at its second highest level.

Reconnaissance aircraft, satellites and on-ground reconnaissance assets are monitoring movements by the North Korean military around the clock.

The United States has not released a statement on its military efforts in the region at this time.

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