Study Finds That Cutting Fats Isn’t Necessarily The Best Way To Lose Weight

Study Finds That Cutting Fats Isn’t Necessarily The Best Way To Lose Weight

Based on a new study, reducing fat in food consumption is not an effective way to lose weight. The study was conducted by Deirdre Tobias, a researcher from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The results from the study were published in the academic journal Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

The study showed that people who cut fat out of their diet did lose weight compared to people who did absolutely nothing. However, the study showed that cutting carbs was more effective when it came to losing weight. Still, neither method was a sure fire way to cut pounds. When considered together, people cutting carbs and people cutting fat lost an average of just six pounds in one year.

According to Tobias, such a low loss of weight is not very meaningful. A very small improvement like that will not do much to curb the obesity epidemic in America. Currently, 35% of all Americans are considered to be obese.

Instead of trying to cut carbs or fat, people trying to lose weight should focus on making food selections that represents an overall healthy diet. People should consume healthy, whole foods and consume them in moderate proportions.

Tobias said, “I’m hoping that the days of counting the percent balance of fat and carbs are nearing an end. There just clearly isn’t evidence to support it as relevant in weight loss.”

The dietary guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture say that people should limit fat intake to a maximum of 35% of all calories consumed. However, the department is expected to revise this recommendation later this year to focus less on achieving specific proportions of fat and carbs. Instead, the department will focus more on recommending nutritious foods.

Still the study did acknowledge that cutting certain fats is particularly beneficial for losing weight. Fats such as saturated fats that are found in meat and dairy products and trans-fats that are found in margarine and certain processed foods are extremely unhealthy and should be largely avoided by people who want to drop pounds. Instead, people should obtain healthier fats from fish, nuts and vegetable oils.

Perhaps most importantly is fitting more nutritious foods into healthier diets.

According to nutrition expert Kristin Kirkpatrick, fad diets will lead to malnutrition.

Kirkpatrick said, “Most people can’t stay on Atkins long-term, and most people can’t stay on an excessively low-fat diet for the long term either. For me and a lot of my friends who are dietitians, you need to adopt a diet where you’re not thinking of these things so intensely all day.”

It turns out the best way to be healthy and to lose weight is to just eat healthy foods.

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