The Hong Kong Electronics Fair Is Wowing Visitors With Stunning New Products

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair Is Wowing Visitors With Stunning New Products

The bi-annual Hong Kong Electronics fair is currently displaying several new innovative products that have recently been made available to consumers. The event allows electronics companies to put their designs and innovations on display in order to attract buyers. More than 60,000 people attended the event last year.

A popular trend this year focuses on the introduction of wearable devices that function with smartphones and tablets. These devices keep track of the health of the wearer in various ways. It’s no surprise that this is popular, giving the prominence of both smartphones and healthy living.

Another feature of many products is the ability to complete routine chores. Some new products vacuum carpets, while others tend to plants. Another product regulates air conditioning in the home.

The convention in Hong Kong is different from most electronics fairs, in that the event focuses on products that are already on sale rather than prototypes that are still in development.

Needless to say, the current fair has already shown off some products that are expected to be major hits.

The Motorola Scout 5000 is being called the “smartphone for dogs”. It features a camera, two-way audio and a GPS tracking system to locate the pet if it ever becomes lost.

A new app called the Nixplay Seed allows users to send photos to their digital photo frames whenever they want. This way, they can put new photos on display as soon as they are taken.

An innovative new device called Aumeo Audio adjusts audio content to best suit an individual based on their hearing range and sensitivity. The product received more than 2,000 supporters on a crowdfunding website.

Bluetooth PlantCare lets users input information about their plant’s maintenance schedule into their smartphone. The device will then take care of the plant for the user. Additionally, it can also be set so that it waters the plant when the soil is detected to be too dry, and it can even adjust the pH level of the soil.

The InnoBand-D takes the number of steps you travel in a day and converts the number into calories burned. It can also monitor your sleeping quality.

The Freebee Fit Arc Reflex is a digital swimming coach that tracks physical activity conducted in the water.

The WISA Cup is a calorie-counting “smart cup” that records how many calories a person consumes. It can be set to function with hundreds of different beverages.

The CielPUR Air Quality Detector alerts users when there are unwanted particles in the air. It can also keep track of carbon dioxide and humidity levels.

And of course, many more products are being displayed at the convention to great success.

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