These College Students Created A Solar House That Snaps Together Like A 3D Puzzle

These College Students Created A Solar House That Snaps Together Like A 3D Puzzle

Students from Clemson University have created an impressive new type of house that can be snapped together, much like a jigsaw puzzle. The house is being called Indigo Pine.

The house is powered using solar panels on its rooftop. It is constructed from a special type of plywood that allows an average person to piece together their own home.

Indigo Pine has been submitted as Clemson University’s first United States Solar Decathlon entry. The project stands out from competitors due to its innovative method of construction, which allows for an incredibly simple building process. It uses over 500 pieces of standardized sheets of plywood, which are transformed into smaller, interlocking pieces.

Each piece of plywood is individually numbered before they are packed and shipped to the building site. The pieces lock together in order to support the weight load. No fasteners are needed other than some stainless steel bands which provide stability and a few token screws.

The house is 970 square feet, and contains three bedrooms and one and a half baths.

Other amenities include a living room and front porch. The house sits on top of concrete, which provides a foundation and helps to regulate temperature. The plywood frame contains space for insulation, and a zip-system shields the house from moisture.

The solar panels on the roof provide ample electricity for the house, and they are also able to heat water.

The Clemson University Solar Decathlon team is extremely enthusiastic about the project.

The team said, “Indigo Pine has global application. Because the house exists largely as a set of digital files, the plans can be sent anywhere in the world, constructed using local materials, adapted to the site, and influenced by local culture.”

So far, two houses have been built. One is located at Clemson University to serve as a research base. The other is in Irvine to compete in the Solar Decathlon.

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