This Company Is Offering ‘Troll Insurance’ For Cyber Bullying

In the United Kingdom, insurance company Chubb will soon begin offering “troll insurance” to cover the costs associated with cyberbullying. Chubb will accept claims of up to $76,000 to cover the expenses of counseling, relocation and time spent out of work.

Chubb is usually known for its locks and safety equipment rather than its lesser known insurance programs. Nevertheless, the company will soon begin providing personal insurance policies for customers to claim expenses that occur from internet abuse.

Chubb is defining cyberbullying in this case as an instance in which the insured individual experiences three or more attacks that are designed to harass, threaten or intimidate from the same person or group, and the insured has resulting expenses from the attacks.

The company has said that the troll insurance would help customers to reestablish their lives after suffering from a cyberbullying instance that has caused significant disruption to their lives.

Chubb spokesperson and private clients manager Tara Parchment said, “We wanted our policies to reflect the changing nature of the risks that policyholders may face, often against themselves rather than their possessions. So we still help to restore homes, cars and belongings that have suffered physical harm or damage, but increasingly it’s about the person and how they cope.”

The new insurance option is mostly being targeted towards parents who want to protect their children from online abuse. However, adults will also be eligible for the program. According to Chubb, any money that is offered by the policy can be used to hire public relation consultants and reputation management teams to restore the public image of an individual or their business. Furthermore, a forensics specialist can be hired to locate the troll.

Chubb says that the new policy option will be available starting next year. At that time, all current Chubb customers will have the option to add the coverage the next time that they go to renew their policies.