This Offensive Georgia Bar Named Its Drink After A Racial Slur

This Offensive Georgia Bar Named Its Drink After A Racial Slur

In Athens, Georgia, a Confederate-themed bar known as General Beauregard’s is offering its fine patrons an adult beverage that carries the name of a racial slur.

The drink is a shot called the “N*****ita”, and it consists of two parts tequila, one part watermelon liqueur and a splash of sour mix. And yes, the asterisks really are part of the name.

Proof of the beverage has been confirmed by pictures that were posted of the bar’s menu to Facebook. The photo was posted by an employee of a local printing shop who was instructed to laminate the drink menu of the bar. The photo quickly spread before it could be deleted.

The fact that this southern bar would offer a drink with such a name really shouldn’t come off as surprise. Until recently, General Beauregard’s would fly a prominently displayed Confederate Flag on the outside of the establishment.

It’s also not a surprise that they selected this particular drink to receive the off-putting title, as a common stereotype is that African-Americans are quite fond of watermelon.

However, bar owner Daniel Simmons insists that this is all a big misunderstanding and that his employees are to blame. He says that the drink menu is a “cheat sheet” used by bartenders, and that customers never see such a drink menu, except for the specials displayed on chalkboards.

Simmons also claims that he was unaware that his employees gave the drink an offensive nickname. He says that it was never advertised or approved, and he promises to take action against the offending employees.

Still, an anonymous person who recently went into the bar and ordered the drink by its “cheat sheet” name received the offending beverage, no questions asked.

It just goes to show that racism is still prevalent in America to this day, especially in the south.

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