This Underwater Hotel Will Be Able To Travel The Globe

An amazing new underwater hotel called the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has recently received patent and trademark approval. The hotel is set to be constructed in Key West, FL. From there, it will be shipped out on a barge, eventually ending up in a yet-to-be decided location. Wherever it ends up, the hotel will lie 28 feet below the surface of the ocean.

The hotel will include an elevator, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and panoramic vistas of the surrounding aquatic environment. Additionally, the hotel will technically be classified as a vessel that will be capable of navigating the ocean using means of electromechanical propulsion. This will allow the hotel to change its location in the event of a powerful storm.

The hotel is being funded by entrepreneur Tony Webb. In the past, Webb has partaken in a variety of different endeavors, including robotic moon landings. Now, Webb wants to use his fortune to offer adventurous travelers the chance to explore the depths of the ocean.

The hotel will cost around $20 million to construct, and it will do much more than just offer a unique travel experience. It is also part of a philanthropic project to restore coral reefs across the globe. Recent reports have indicated that climate change has been resulting in the widespread bleaching of coral reefs.

In order to help solve this issue Webb and his team are funding a global reef restoration program that will make use of a technique known as the Biorock process. This technique involves sending an electrical current through seawater, causing minerals to crystallize and forms structures of white limestone. Corals are then able to attach to these structures and flourish. Currently, this technique is being used in places like Jamaica, Palau, Thailand and Mexico.

Many countries have already expressed interest in hosting the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. As long as they approve a mooring location for the vessel, the countries will be able to temporarily host the one-of-a-kind hotel before it moves on to its next temporary location.

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