Tickets For Sold Out Trump Mega Rally Already Fetching Over $200 A Pair

Tickets For Sold Out Trump Mega Rally Already Fetching Over $200 A Pair

Donald Trump’s mega rally in Dallas on Monday is a hot ticket. So hot, in fact, that thousands of people quickly snapped up free tickets upon their Friday release, leaving diehard Trump disciples out in the cold.

The Republican presidential candidate ‘sold’ out the 20,000-seat American Airlines Center through Ticketmaster yet some are already making their way to online marketplaces where they’re fetching stunning prices.

Pairs have already been spotted going for over $200.

The sellers appeared savvy to The Donald’s popularity and even marketed the tickets using Trump’s own slogan. “Two tickets for the Donald Trump’s Rally on September 14th. Make America great again!” an Ebay posting Friday evening read.

The tickets seem to be most easily available on Craigslist and Ebay as online ticket marketplace StubHub does not permit the sale of free tickets.

The massive yet exclusive engagement is precisely the type Trump is aiming for. Its also the kind that are impossible for his competition, perhaps aside from Hillary Clinton, to attract. Trump has eschewed traditional grass roots, town-hall-style politicking in favor of massive venues packed to the rafters in order to capitalize on his celebrity status and make efficient use of his time.

If the market for Trump tickets is anything to go by it appears The Donald is solidly in command of the GOP race and perhaps even the 2016 election.

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