Trump Ruffles Feathers By Calling DNC Chairwoman Crazy And Neurotic

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump has yet again made comments that have ruffled some feathers.

Appearing on Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Daily” with Stephen Bannon, Trump called the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz a “crazy,” “highly neurotic woman.” However, he gave her some credit, saying she “negotiated a great deal” for the Democratic presidential candidate debates.

The Republican presidential candidate was asked whether Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus or he himself would do a better job negotiating a television deal for Republican debates. Trump responded that, “Well, I’m not allowed to say that, OK? But I can tell you he’s a very good guy. He really is. He’s a very nice person and I think that hopefully he’s going to do a good job. Hey look, you get a candidate, you really need that RNC to go in there and fight hard. And they have to be very tough and very smart.

When describing the Democratic debate, Trump said that, “You have this crazy Wasserman Schultz – Deborah Wasserman Schultz – who is in there, a highly neurotic woman.”

He continued that, “This is a woman that is a terrible person. I watch her on television. She’s a terrible person.”

But Trump also conceded that, “And in all fairness, she negotiated a great deal for Hillary because they gave Hillary all softballs. Every ball was a softball. And in fact, the other candidates weren’t even allowed to talk up against her.”

When describing Senator Bernie Sanders’ performance at the Democratic debate, Trump opined that Sanders “totally destroyed his campaign” when he conceded that the American public was sick and tired of hearing about Clinton’s “damn emails.”

“I said ‘He’s dead, that’s the end of him.’ He gave that up – it was a great soundbite for about three minutes, for three seconds, they clapped for about three seconds – when he gave up the emails, he is now just wasting his time.”

Trump added that, “By the way, his audience has shrunk. Now he’s got to take ads and everything else. His audiences have gone. And you know I have by far the biggest audiences, even before. But his audiences are gone now. When he gave up that email thing, he said ‘here, Hillary.’”

However, the polls seem to disagree with Trump on this one.

Of course, the Democratic National Committee had choice words for Trump following the radio program.

DNC spokeswoman Kaylie Hanson stated that, “The Republican front-runner’s misogynistic attacks are sadly representative of the GOP’s outdated approach to women and the issues that affect them and their families. Whether it’s trying to get between them and their doctor, opposing equal pay for equal work, or using offensive language, the Republican Party is wrong for women.”

Whether the majority of Americans agree with this assessment remains to be seen.

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